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This wonderful combo comprises of a top and a long wrap skirt made from cotton material. Both the top and the lower part of the skirt sport a collection of butterflies which are stiched to the articles only at the body of the butterfly, leaving the wings free to move. A truly sublime effect in fashion design.


Size: DE 38 / UK 12 / F 40 / I 44 / US 8 / RUS 46


Skirt length = 80 cm

Adjustable* skirt wait = 72 cm

Top length = 52 cm**

Shoulder bands = 28.5 cm


*Because the skirt is a wrap form it has a measure of adjustment in the waist of a few centimeters.

** The top length may be slightly longer or shorter depending upon the shoulder structure of the wearer as it hangs from the shoulder on shoulder bands (straps).

Dark blue top and wrap skirt with stiched butterfly design

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