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Another incredibly beautiful long skirt made from the finest dupion silk fabric. This shade of light ochre yellow is a true delight. The waistband of this wonderful skirt has been made in an age long Bavarian tradition, known in German as "Stifteln" art form. This is where an extremely tight pleat is put into the fabric through hours of painstaking hand work. Sadly, it is a dying art form and practiced in fewer and fewer places. The skirt is fully lined and fastened with a zip and single button on the back. A cotton underskirt makes up the lining of this article. A beautiful 5cm stitched band of repeating bouquets of flowers is found 10 cm above the hem, adding a super flair to this already delightful skirt.


Length = 96 cm

Waist = 72 cm

Waistband height = 3.5 cm

Pleated waistband height = 9 cm

Hem circumference = 300 cm


Size: 36-38 / UK 10-12 / F 38-40 / I 42-44 / US 6-8 / RUS 44-46


"P" Dry clean only

Long skirt from pure ochre dupion silk with stitching

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