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A magnificent summer dress made from the finest silks and patterned with beautiful roses, and red diagonal lines. The arms are discreet and dignified shoulder pads made from the second silk with the red diagonal lines whilst the top and the bottom portions of the dress sport the roses motif. The middle section of the dress is the same material as the shoulder pads and sports a 2.5 cm wide belt. A 10 cm slit is found on the back hem. The dress is fastened with a 38 cm zip on the left.


Dress length = 88 cm

Arm length = 15 cm

Middle portion of dress length = 18 cm

Breast line width = 92 cm

Waist = 76 cm

Hip = 96 cm


Size: DE 36 / UK 10 / F 38 / I 42 / US 6 / RUS 44


"P" Dry clean only

Red two silks summer dress with roses motif and diagonal lines

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