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This absolutely delightful dress is made from the finest cotton muslin and decorated with a pattern of parrots in green foliage on a white background. The article consists of a blouse and a skirt. The waist of the skirt sports a corset type saddle which is approx 9 cm high and has the function of tightening the waist of this skirt. The blouse is fastened with five buttons on the front whilst the skirt is fastened with a zip on the side. The collar of the blouse is set as an elasticized pleat and stretches from approx 82 cm to approx 120 cm. The arms of the blouse are traditional "Raglan" in style.


Blouse length = 67 cm

Blouse arm length = 57 cm

Breast liner width = 126 cm

Blouse Waist = 120 cm

Blouse Hip = 112

Skirt length = 50 cm

Skirt waist = 74 cm

Skirt Volant width = 15.5 cm


Size: DE 36 / UK 10 / F 38 / I 42 / US 6 / RUS 44


"P" Dry clean only


White cotton muslin two piece dress with parrot design

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